Below is a list of the Fir Trees Nursery School policies and procedures. To see copies of any of these please ask a member of staff and they will be made available to you.

  1. Administering Medicines Policy
  2. Admissions Policy
  3. Allegation is made against a Member of Staff
  4. Allergens
  5. Arrival and Exit Procedures
  6. Behaviour Management
  7. Child Protection, Safeguarding and Promoting Children's Welfare Policy
  8. Children's Rights and Entitlement Policy
  9. Complaints Procedure
  10. Conducting Home Visits
  11. Confidentiality
  12. Daily Routines
  13. Data Protection - GDPR for Early Years Providers
  14. English as an Additional Language
  15. Equality and Diversity
  16. Fire instructions
  17. First Aid, Accident and Incident Policy
  18. Food Hygiene Policy
  19. Health & Safety and Risk Assessment Policy
  20. Keyworker Role and Responsibilities
  21. Looked After Child
  22. Non Collection of Child Policy
  23. Outdoor Play Policy
  24. Parent/Carer: Mobile Phone and Camera Policy
  25. Parental Involvement Policy
  26. Policy for the use of Internet and Digital Photography
  27. Procedure for if a Child Leaves the Nursery Unaccompanied
  28. Promoting British Values
  29. Recording Pre-existing Injuries Policy
  30. Role of the Safeguarding Lead Professional
  31. Safe Recruitment of Staff Policy
  32. Settling in Policy
  33. Sleeping Child
  34. Special Educational Needs and Disability Policy
  35. Staff Supervision
  36. Student Policy
  37. Superhero and Weapon Play Policy
  38. Toileting and Nappy Changing
  39. Transfer of Records to School
  40. Transitions
  41. Trips and Outings
  42. Use of Internet and Digital Devices
  43. Use of Pacifiers at Nursery
  44. Vision and Values
  45. Whistleblowing policy